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  2. Matt can you give me some direction on where to start troubleshooting with codes P05CD, PO52D, P0305, P0306, P0300?
  3. Thank you, Matt, for the detailed breakdown. I have a 2011 F11 550i with just under 60,000 kms (37,000 Miles). As you can image with such low miles the car is like new. I have owned the car for a year and a half and love driving it. Thus far the only mods I have on the car H&R springs, BAVSOUND Speakers and a JB4. I recently replaced the Main Battery and Aux Battery. When I registered the Batteries, I was surprised to find out the Batteries in the car were originals from BMW. I had to replace the batteries because I was getting charging warnings and the cars computer was starting to shut things down to save power. Once the batteries were replaced everything went back to normal. About a week ago the cars went in to Limp Mode when I pulled in to passing lane on the Autobahn. When I pulled the codes I found misfire codes for multiple cylinders 3, 5, and 7. I erased the codes and took it back out and a soon as I got on the gas it went back into limp mode. When I got home, I erased the codes again and completely disconnected the JB4. This time when I took it out and got on the gas it only produced a Misfire, cylinder 7: injection is cut out. My initial thought is that the injectors need to be replaced, In Germany BMW did not provide Customer Care Package like they did in the states and getting a German BMW dealer to share what is listed in the service record for a car can be a real challenge. Any insight you can provide on how best to troubleshoot the issue would be greatly appreciated. -Tony
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